Why Traditional Gym vs Functional Gyms?

No Pros just one big CON!!

“We are replacing productive, efficient and safe tools with less productive, inefficient and riskier ones”

Why is the Industry moving from your Traditional Gym to Functional Gyms?

1. It looks cool? (not better but cooler).

2. Very few gym employees know how to use traditional equipment to maximum effect. (and how do you coach this to thousands of members??)

3. It’s cheaper. (fitting out a functional space is much cheaper than a traditional gym).

4. You can get more people in that space (£££’s).

5. You can charge more. (You are now being coached but not properly).

6. They say: ‘It focuses on movements that improves your everyday tasks.’ Like what? Getting in and out of your car, picking up your phone or putting shopping away?

7. They say: ‘You burn more in a functional workout.’ Going hard you’ll burn 500 calories in an hour, the same as an intensive weight training workout. Oh BUT! You have to burn 3,500 calories to lose 1 pound!!

8. They say: ‘You can work multiple muscles at the one time.’ But they are not properly stimulated due to the manner that loads the muscles haphazardly and inefficiently. Weight Training provides better results!!