“Want to change your body shape and feel younger then Lift Weights”

“Want to change your body shape and feel younger then Lift Weights”

Every year, usually pre-summer, you will hear people say I have to get in shape and start running.  Every year it’s doomed to fail. Why?  

For a start they are probably too heavy and shouldn’t be running (few posts ago) if they don’t have strains or injuries by week 3 they will notice that their shape hasn’t changed and gave up. How can running or for that matter attending an aerobic type class tone your arms, back chest or legs? You must know people who have been doing this for a while, has their shape changed?

The only thing that can change your shape is resistance training or weight training.

Oh but I don’t want muscles? 

Firstly if you didn’t have muscles you would fall in a heap!! Ladies you don’t have the male hormone testosterone in your body so big muscles just can’t happen, and guys unless your lifting loads of weight and eating loads of food you won’t get big, ok we’ve put that to bed.

Muscles provide your body with shape, if your body is flat and lifeless looking it simply means your muscles have shrunk and are under used. To get that shape back simply undertake proper weight training exercise and see your body transform.

The benefits are huge:

• toned shapely body (in conjunction with proper nutrition: previous post) 

• also performed correctly your body will burn calories well, well after your weight training has finished. This also boosts metabolism.

When you’re young your muscles and bones are naturally strong, they are why we used to be able to play for long periods of time. We kept our muscles strong via activity however as we grow older the activity slides massively which results in our muscles shrinking and weaker bones and joints.

Picture an old person climbing a flight of stairs, by the time they have reached the top they are breathless. This isn’t due to their heart and lungs being weak, this is due to their muscles being weak, which means their heart and lungs have to work twice as hard.

By the age of 30-35………

By the age of 30-35 we start to loss muscle and bone density year upon year, the only thing that can prevent this happening is weight training, it literally keeps us younger.

• By maintaining our muscles and keeping them strong

• It keeps our bones and joints strong and healthy

• It improves your posture and balance which reduces the risk of falling.

So, when we’re young our activity level and metabolism is high our muscles and bones are strong and our hormones are at high levels. As we grow older, activity falls, muscles and bones get weaker as our hormones and metabolism subside.

Therefore use your activity time wisely, engage in proper weight training to feel and look young again.