“The Ultimate Fat Burning Plan”

After decades in this game you realise quickly what works and what doesn’t. I have researched and tried many forms of training and eating over these years and what I’m about to pass on to you is in my humble opinion the best way to go about it.

I’m not going into training as I have covered these in my previous posts, basically you should lift weights intensely a couple of days a week and sprint a couple of days a week, everything else is a very distant 2nd in terms of being effective.

I’m only interested in fat loss not weight loss, there is a huge difference.

What you eat is the key to fat loss, I don’t care how much you exercise (BTW less is more in terms of exercise) unless you’re eating correctly not much is going to happen, sorry but that’s just reality.

A quick recap:

Carbohydrates (sugar) is the root cause of obesity, Diabetes, metabolic syndrome (heart disease etc.), inflammation (water retention) and mood swings. There has been a major push backed by large food manufacturers to go ‘low fat’– this has resulted in the nation getting fatter. When we take fat out of foods sugar is added, look at any food product that says low fat and you will probably see carbohydrates (sugar) is very high indeed. One thing we have to understand however is that eating fat does not make us fat!!

Yes, the best way to lose fat is to eat fat!!

It goes against all we have been taught by the Government, Doctors and the media. The vast majority of us eat low fat (high sugar) and wonder why we are getting fat.

Carbs is the culprit not fats.

Would you like to have a body that burns fat morning/noon and night? Basically 24/7 days a week? A body that just wants to eat away at your stored bodyfat and use it for energy? Then listen up!

Your body uses either carbs or fats for energy, if you eat both at the same time the body will use carbs and fat is stored as bodyfat. However if you eliminate carbs from your diet and eat predominantly fats, your body will easily convert that to energy and use the fats very efficiently so that when its utilised the fats you have eaten it will turn to stored bodyfat and convert that to energy, making you smaller and leaner.

This process is Ketosis, you’ve probably heard of Keto well this is it. When you have exhausted your carb energy stores your body will start burning bodyfat as fuel, this is Ketosis. Ketosis can take from 5 days to 3 weeks to get into but can be reversed the moment you eat more than 50-100g of Carbs a day.

To do this eat lots of over ground vegetables, any grown underground contains carbs and should be avoided. Keep your protein real, carb free and moderate. Good fats can be found in eggs, meat, fish and seafood, butter, olive oil, coconut oil, high fat cheese and high fat yogurt in moderation.

Drinks wise water is number 1, not diluted but plain water with a slice of lemon or lime. Coffee is fine as long as its black, you can add butter for extra energy. Oh and keep teas black. Alcohol (is liquid bread) is best avoided.

More and more doctors who are switched on are recommending this form of eating to their patients with great results. This Swedish Dr (The Diet Dr) has a website full of recipes and testimonials of people who have reversed disease, diabetes and obesity. Halle Berry and John Goodman are also famous people off the top of my head who utilise it too.

There you have it, feed your body fat without any carbs and you will lose fat and get smaller.

However there is another component that puts the fat burning into Turbo and its Intermittent Fasting (IF).

IF is the method Hugh Jackman uses to get into shape for his movies. I am sure you will agree that it works for him!!

It is such an easy method of eating that you can incorporate it into your daily lives, forever! It works in a way that helps you repair your body, you see by constantly eating throughout the day your body doesn’t get a chance to repair itself and is basically constantly stressed, what I need you to do is give your body a bit of a break to repair and lose fat at the same time.

So what is it?

Simply fast for 16 hours a day, which means you eat your daily calories within an 8 hour period, this fasting method has proved to: 

• Increase our lifespan

• Boost weight loss and general health

• Increase Autophagy

  • Increase BDNF 

Ok so what the hell is Autopahgy???

Autophagy is nature’s way of detoxing the body, way better than juicing could ever hope to be, during a fasted state the Autophagy process kicks in utilising Lysosomes that are wee dustbin men who go around looking for sick cells or other crap that shouldn’t be there, eat them up and spit them out…of you!! Basically self-healing.