Stop Jogging and start sprinting!!

Ok here we go!

Stop Jogging and start sprinting!!

Remember when we were 15 or 16 years old and we could run all day (ok some of us) well unless you are the weight you were when you were that age- STOP jogging!!


Jogging is a much slower version of running and running is a slower version of Sprinting. If you are carrying some timber (most of us) then please don’t consider jogging or even running, the continuous pounding on your ankle and knee joints doesn’t end well. Ask any Physio about injuries they see from people who should not be running or actual joggers/runners that live with constant aches and pains.

As calorie burning goes, its a very inefficient way to exercise.

Sprinting however is a far, far better choice, Why?

1) It takes less time.

2) calorie burning stops after you finish jogging whereas after sprinting calorie burning goes on and on and on.

3) There are far, far less impact injuries from Sprinting, if any. This is simply due to less steps.

4) Better in my opinion at boosting metabolism. (the rate your body breaks down food for use as energy).

5) Reduces stress.

6) Did I mention it burns fat like crazy!!

What to do:

Simply place cones about 30-60 metres apart (on grass, easier on the joints) depending on your size/fitness and basically run as fast as you can between cones. Walk back to the first cone and go again. Repeat this until you can go for 10 sprints. Once or twice a week will be enough.

So if you really want to run, try sprinting instead. your joints will thank you, your metabolism will thank you and you’ll see a real difference in how you look!!

All the best.