“Stop feeling bloated- start looking leaner!”

In the last 4 years alone I have conducted over 10,000 training sessions with the vast majority of people having no clue what to eat, why they should eat it and when they should!!

If you are slim, lean or have no problem controlling your weight then this post is not for you, however if you feel sluggish, heavy and genuinely feel bloated then please read on.


If you’re overweight your body is suffering from inflammation and you unwittingly aid this condition every day – but don’t worry it can be reversed and quickly if you know what to do.

If you are inflamed, your body at this moment in time does not react well to carbohydrates – simple as that!! 

Carbohydrates, whether they be baked potatoes or chocolate only provide your body with energy, thats it!! Any energy that isn’t used is stored as body fat, the problem is we as a society eat carbs as if we are Olympian athletes.

Carbs are the reason you are feeling fat/bloated/inflamed – nothing else. This is due to Insulin Resistance. 


Insulin is released by your pancreas when sugar enters the bloodstream, insulin then takes the sugar and deposits it into cells however when your cells can no longer cope with this process and is overloaded they become resistant to Insulin and your body has no choice but to convert this ‘Energy’ to body fat. 

This leads to weight gain/pre-diabetes and then full blown diabetes. This can all be reversed by eliminating carbohydrates from your diet.

I have done this many times before with clients and it just works! 

Your body needs a break from this sugar addiction and YES it is an addiction! 

Wait till you start eliminating carbs- for the first few days you will feel irritable, sleepy and not great company, just your basic withdrawals but this only last a maximum of 3 days.

So if you want to deflate yourself, try this for 3 weeks:

1) Only eat quality protein and vegetables, the amount doesn’t matter.

2)At this point stay away from fruits as there are sugars in them.

3)No sauces that contain sugars (read the packets).

4)Stay away from diet drinks an diluted drinks even if they say they are sugar free, they have artificial sweeteners that your body reacts to just the same way as if they are real sugars.

5)Drink loads of water!!

Try this for 3 weeks and watch yourself get smaller and leaner as well as much healthier. Also be aware of how much energy you have and how much faster your brain is working.

Basically you will feel alive, truly alive with your life full of optimism. 

After 3 weeks you can if you want to introduce carbs back into your eating gradually, at this point you will be fully aware of the impact they have in your body.

It’s not easy, remember you are addicted but it is worth it. If you feel as if you can’t eliminate carbs completely then vastly reduce them and stick to better options, the results will be good just not as great as they could be.

It’s 3 weeks out of your life, give it a try!!