Starting on Friday 16th September we will be delivering a week long series of articles on health & fitness. If you are looking for a new challenge to prepare for the Winter keep posted. Watch out on Facebook for our first article! And get in healthy shape for this winter!

September 6th 2022

This November Gym Rebel we will be celebrating 9 years at our location in Wishaw. To celebrate we will be launching a series of new private members community. With exclusive access to advice, articles & special offers. Please sign-up Now!

September 5th 2022

This month we will be scheduling a series of new articles outlining our Gym Rebel philosophy. Our articles will be available on all our social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook & Instagram as well as our personal website blog.In the coming months we will be introducing our online diet, exercise & health plan ‘Athletek’. So keep tuned in!

September 4th 2022

Welcome to our new website! We hope you like our new branding and image. Over the coming months we will be sharing our latest news and updates on products and services. Our up to date priceless on personal training sessions will be available to download later this week. Keep posted for all the latest Gym Rebel news!

September 1st 2022