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  • TOP TIPS for shredding FAT and toning up!

    TOP TIPS for shredding FAT and toning up!

    Ok Gym goers here are my top tips for shredding fat and toning up: • Perform resistance training at least twice a week. You will never firm your body on a treadmill or bike. •Perform the resistance training with very high intensity for no more than 30 minutes. If you train longer than that you’re …

  • Why is weights CARDIO?

    Why is weights CARDIO?

    A client who had a session last week informed me that during our PT session (via their Fitbit)  their heart rate peaked at 180 bpm and they burned 500 calories. What makes this remarkable is that our session only lasted 30 minutes and all we did was weight training. Weights is cardio. It only works.

  • Why Traditional Gym vs Functional Gyms?

    Why Traditional Gym vs Functional Gyms?

    No Pros just one big CON!! “We are replacing productive, efficient and safe tools with less productive, inefficient and riskier ones” Why is the Industry moving from your Traditional Gym to Functional Gyms? 1. It looks cool? (not better but cooler). 2. Very few gym employees know how to use traditional equipment to maximum effect.…

  • Body Transformation GAME PLAN!

    Body Transformation GAME PLAN!

    Here is your game plan: Decide – Decide what it is you want to achieve, don’t just go to the gym. Be specific! What is it you really want to achieve? Drop some weight? then how much. Put on some muscle? Then how much? Get fitter? What does that mean, quantify it. Decide on what…

  • “The Ultimate Fat Burning Plan”

    “The Ultimate Fat Burning Plan”

    After decades in this game you realise quickly what works and what doesn’t. I have researched and tried many forms of training and eating over these years and what I’m about to pass on to you is in my humble opinion the best way to go about it. I’m not going into training as I…

  • Ok so what is BDNF???

    Ok so what is BDNF???

    Ok so what is BDNF??? BDNF – Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor is a protein produced by the brain, it’s a chemical that makes your brain and nervous connections grow, which basically means it makes you smarter. Sounds good so far right! Let’s look at some more facts behind this way of eating and how it…