Oct 2018

I have a client who has made a remarkable transformation in just 90 days.

They have lost 3 stone (42 lbs), lost 6 inches off their waist and everywhere else, their skin and hair is great and more importantly they feel great. 

However they are inundated with people telling them to stop,  as eating this way isn’t good for you or you’ve lost enough now you better stop or you don’t know the long term health benefits.

These people who are overweight themselves are trying to sabotage this person to make them feel better, they are jealous of what this person has achieved and how they have achieved it in such a short time. Jealousy really does take many forms.

This person simply made a commitment and stuck to it, its that simple. They are an inspiration and role model to their family. 

You know who you are and I’m really proud of you!!