What is GYM REBEL?

In a nutshell our GOAL is to make people feel better about themselves and do this by helping them change how their body looks. 

What is fitness?

Our definition of fitness is that you have no ailments, disease or injury and you are capable of functioning daily chores and routines with ease. Ever heard the saying fit for work? It basically means that you can perform your work without any physical obstacles.

Nowadays fitness has taken on a life of its own, is it how far you can run, how quick can you do it and how quickly can you do it again. Swap running for cycling, spin classes, body pump, body attack or body ‘whatever’ the point of these endeavours leaves you breathless, sweaty and fulfilled from an achievement point of view.

Do they get you closer to changing how your body looks?

How do you change the shape of your body? Most people would answer: lose weight. This is inherently correct however it will provide you with a smaller version of how you look just now.

If this is success to you, then cut your food intake well below what your body requires consistently every day and you will lose weight, job done.

That is not what we do, yes the goal for some is to lose for other its to gain, this is all based on calorie consumption. 

What we want to do is to provide you with a process that delivers you with a lean Athletically body when you’re finished whether you’ve dropped or gained weight.

We at GYM REBEL are not conventional, in fact one of our tagline’s is that ‘We do what works not what’s popular’.

Join us at GYM REBEL and learn what works best in terms of exercise and nutrition for that Athletically body.

GYM REBEL has the process for getting you there.


Hello, my name is Ronnie McKeever I have over 30 years ‘hands on’ experience of exercise, sport and fitness. I started my career playing football for a top professional club and was coached by professionals and legends who won European Cups.

How I caught the Gym bug

My father was a huge influence on me, he had a gym set up in his garage where I used to watch him from a young age train himself and many others.  When my football career finished my interest in working out grew to the point that I visited Gym’s all over the UK and America, learning different techniques about exercise and nutrition from the very best.

I finally opened my first Gym and helped many people improve their body in terms of shape, fitness and health. Later I worked in management with various multi-national health clubs. And in 2003 expanded my interests in the design of new innovative fitness equipment receiving a nomination by professionals and academics in the Wellness & Health sector for one of my products that was displayed for 4 months in the prestigious Glasgow Science Centre.

Needless to say I am a fully qualified Personal Trainer but more important than that I have tested every diet and exercise technique available over a 30 year period and honed my system purely on this personal experience rather than what mainstream health and fitness promote.I am at a point in my life where I want to make a difference, Gym Rebel was born from being tired and frustrated by the lack of results that Gym’s offer and the sameness of Personal Trainers up and down the country, I think it’s time for a change. If you want the body you have always wanted then contact me but be prepared to work hard and dispel any preconceived ideas you have on exercise and I guarantee you will see amazing results.